At Capital Resource International, our focus is to be an extension of your company. Whether your collection needs are required within the U.S. or worldwide, our goal is to give you the same efficiency and convenience of working with a local company, while providing the reach to effectively pursue your outstanding accounts receivables anywhere in the world.


CRI is a full-service firm of attorneys that specialize in the recovery of outstanding receivables. With over 30 years of experience in the collection industry, our team has developed unique strategies that have been time proven to provide the highest rates of return for our clients at the lowest cost.

The commercial collection industry is mostly made up of collection agencies who all try to set themselves apart by claiming to have either better collectors, superior technology or an “in-house” legal department. Unlike these traditional collection agencies, we employ attorneys to collect from debtors. This significant advantage together with our investigative staff, comprise a formula of highly effective collection techniques that make full use of legal expertise and cutting-edge technology. This allows us to locate, contact and collect from debtors both quickly and effectively.

We employ a very diverse staff of attorneys and support personnel which allows us to operate in many different markets both domestic and international. Our focus is to be an extension of your company worldwide, whether that requires collection or legal efforts in the U.S., utilizing our partners worldwide to recover your foreign receivables, or simply the comfort of being able to communicate your needs and expectations in your native language.